Chief Marketing Officer

Leah Rasori

As chief marketing officer, Leah is charged with setting the global marketing strategy for the organization, enabling collaboration and establishing best practices worldwide. Her role is to influence and improve all aspects of the customer journey to drive increased demand for Sovos’ solutions and services.

Leah’s leadership style and business philosophy are rooted in the power of working cooperatively toward a common goal. She believes that when teams are informed and empowered, they will produce their best work. Challenging individuals to achieve excellence while supporting them with the tools necessary to thrive in any environment is a core tenant of her managerial approach.

A career spent leading global marketing teams across different disciplines of fintech have prepared her well to lead in an industry where continuous change is the only constant. She has a passion for helping small businesses succeed through the use of technology, a skill she adopted at a young age working in her parent’s retail business.

When not in the office, it’s likely you will find Leah spending time with her family and friends at the lake, traveling on her next adventure or taking in the latest performance at the theatre.

For more information, see Leah’s LinkedIn profile.