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New economies are emerging, and employment and income models are shifting. These changes have created a greater sense of urgency for regulatory authorities to ensure that all potential revenue is accounted for and collected.

In response, they are demanding increased levels of detailed reporting and transparency. This has the potential to consume vast resources for those trying to manage these processes manually.

Sovos Simplifies Tax and Regulatory Reporting

1099 reporting

Save time and reduce audit risk with software and services that help you easily manage all of your IRS and state 1099 tax information reporting and withholding obligations.
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Tax and Regulatory Reporting Featured Solutions

Tax withholding (payroll and non-wage)

Software and regulatory reporting solutions for large complex financial institutions and corporations that improve the accuracy and efficiency of withholding tax payments and returns for payroll, state unemployment, 1099 backup and IRA tax withholding

1095 Affordable Care Act reporting

Software and managed service solutions for small to large complex employers, as well as health insurers, designed to reduce risk and simplify the complexity of IRS and state Affordable Care Act reporting

Statutory compliance

Regulatory reporting solutions for small to large insurers designed to improve operational efficiencies and improve data accuracy for NAIC annual and quarterly filings, state forms and premium tax filings

Tax and Regulatory Reporting Tools and Services

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