Sovos was built to safeguard your business against threats that you can't see coming.

Technology has transformed business - and forever changed how governments regulate. We now live in a world where tax and reporting are increasingly global and rapid-response.

Luckily, Sovos was built for this. 


Our Story

Sovos was built to give businesses what they need to stay ahead of increasing regulatory burdens and risks anywhere in the world.

  • World-Class Regulatory Analysis

    Real-time access to the most complete and accurate regulatory analysis.

  • Nimble Software Businesses

    Acquisitions of Convey and ShipCompliant provided cloud software talent and infrastructure.

  • Local Knowledge & Global Reach

    Acquisition by London-based HG Capital and addition of Invoiceware and VAT Resource added global reach.

“We now live in a world where tax and government reporting have become barriers to growth for businesses around the world. At Sovos, we’ve built our Intelligent Compliance Cloud to keep our clients ahead – wherever they choose to grow and through whatever governments throw at them next.”

– CEO Andy Hovancik

Enterprise-Grade Security

Businesses are often forced to bundle compliance solutions or take on compliance management internally, both of which increase the risk of mismanaged data, security breaches and negative consequences.

Did you know? Sovos processes more than 1 billion 1099 reportable transactions on behalf of its clients.

Sovos was built for the world’s most secure organizations, and security is our first priority. From product development and deployment to client service, we ensure data protection throughout every step of every process. Sovos’ information security team focuses on managing both internal and external security efforts, safeguarding the technology infrastructure that stores, processes and transmits confidential information. Additional security measures include:

  • ISO 27001 Information Security Management Standard to meet all of the necessary data security, availability and confidentiality requirements

  • SSAE 16 audited data center utilization

  • A comprehensive business continuity and disaster recovery plan

  • Advanced encryption technology ensuring data security from transmission to encryption within The Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud environment

Our Partners

Our strategic partnerships ensure that Sovos Compliance solutions integrate seamlessly with the technologies that companies already use so that our clients remain ahead of the curve, no matter what’s ahead.

A Few of Our Clients