Complete IPT Software For Insurance Compliance

Benefit from technology and streamline IPT determination

Sovos has over 20 years of demonstrated success in IPT compliance with the world’s most complex insurers

Boost tax capability

with an intuitive IPT calculator to ease the burden of inhouse tax research and removing the need for additional internal resources

Protect margins

by reducing penalties and only paying what is required

Automate data and workflows

between client underwriting systems and streamline processes with API integration capabilities

Protect your business

from financial and reputational risk by improving adaptability and dealing with fast-changing regulations confidently

Bolster audit defense

with complete and transparent audit trails

Simplify operations

by managing all IPT compliance needs with one global vendor

IPT determination compliance software

Safeguarding insurers from the risks of noncompliance

For cross-border insurers, navigating the complex insurance tax landscape across multiple jurisdictions can feel overwhelming.

Tax authorities continue to take measures to boost revenues, increase efficiency and reduce fraud. There’s a notable shift towards digital insurance premium tax (IPT) reporting, placing an additional burden on insurers.

Sovos IPT Determination

Combined with IPT Managed Services, we offer the first virtual end-to-end IPT compliance solution.

Sovos IPT Determination enables non-tax experts to confidently calculate and apply global IPT rates at quotation.

The solution is updated in real-time, so the tax rates and tax applicability are always accurate. And this also applies to filing requirements easing the strain of changing filing requirements and settlement deadlines.

Sovos IPT Determination is centered around a detailed, real-time global database of IPT tax data for more than 80 countries, including millions of jurisdictional and product combinations – ideal for insurers writing complex global programmes.

Sovos IPT Determination builds premium allocation ahead of all policies such as renewal of international programmes. It allocates premiums per territory covered, intuitively supporting the entire underwriting process by accurately identifying, calculating and applying the appropriate taxes at quote stage.

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Sovos IPT Captive

Built specifically for the Captive market, this IPT software allows you to track your programmes from renewal through to settlement. Combined with our managed services, it is the first end-to-end IPT compliance solution built for Captives.

Features that make Sovos a market leader in IPT compliance

  • Real-time insurance premium tax calculator with automated updates to rates and rules for IPT plus parafiscal charges
  • Tax liability – clarity on who should pay and administer taxes such as Insurer-borne taxes or Insured-borne taxes
  • Covers Co-Insurance programmes
  • Adaptable solutions fit your processes through bespoke insurance product mapping
  • Duplicate quotes for renewal with ability to copy existing quotes with current tax point date for renewals saving time
  • Download tax schedules via pdf or excel
  • Ability to submit software queries or tax related queries to support
  • Complex calculations simplified such as Spain CCS, Portugal Stamp Duty
  • Ability to search, view and manage colleague quotes through permission matrix with admin functions
  • Handles both admitted and non-admitted calculations for Global Programmes
  • Global tax database of 80+ countries
  • Tax calculation API for integration into your systems and process
  • Integrated IPT Reporting with ability to push quotes for filing*

“We appointed Sovos for their IPT Managed Services. During this time, we have found their level of knowledge, expertise and attention to detail to be superb. They understand our product so can quickly and accurately identify the most appropriate tax treatment. This has undoubtedly saved us a considerable amount of time and money. Through their IPT software, they have significantly helped to increase our efficiency and accuracy giving us total peace of mind that our returns are filed on time, every time and are compliant. We would absolutely recommend them”

Carla Forafò
Deutsche Post DHL Group – GBS, Insurance & Risk Management

Benefit from technology and streamline your IPT Determination

Sovos IPT Determination enables non-tax experts to confidently calculate and apply bespoke mapped real-time global IPT rates at quotation.
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