Continuous Transaction Controls Software

Manage Your CTC Obligations with a Global Compliance Solution Built On Local Expertise

Automate your CTC compliance management

Standardize on tax technology with continuous legal monitoring to power compliance across all business processes.

Tax administrations continue to insert themselves into the invoicing process or demand detailed records within a matter of hours or days of transactions. Sovos empowers you to comply with a cost-effective, secure, global solution to withstand the disruption of this global continuous transaction controls (CTC) trend.

Adopt a consistent global compliance strategy that scales across all jurisdictions and enterprise systems by connecting flexibly to a single provider, regardless of legal and business changes. Sovos’ VAT Compliance Solution Suite includes CTC services such as reporting and e-invoicing as integral components of a fully scalable solution suite and includes Sovos Periodic Reporting, SAF-T and Sovos eArchive.


Put CTC compliance in your digital financial core.

Sovos eInvoice

The world’s first complete solution for e-invoicing compliance, including clearance, continuous control and post-audit models on five continents
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Stay ahead of current and future compliance obligations.

Monitor 60+ countries to track the diverse range of emerging legal frameworks and evolving specifications.

Simplify compliance vendor relationship management with a single, global point of contact.

Ensure invoices continue to flow, so your business and its supply chains run smoothly.

Minimize the need for ad hoc IT involvement and investment in compliance updates.

Save time, eliminate labor-intensive manual updates, and enhance accuracy.

Stop worrying about ever-changing different country formats and processes.

Reduce your total cost of compliance.

Managing CTC obligations

A complete global VAT compliance solution

Ease your journey to CTCs with Sovos for a scalable global VAT compliance solution built on local expertise to solve your CTC management obligations wherever you operate.

“Our internal staff can focus on strategic business activities rather than constantly researching and implementing continual country changes. Because Sovos provides the network upgrades as well as the SAP ERP configurations, we have been able to work with one vendor across multiple countries and confidently manage the changes to Brazil’s Nota Fiscal and Mexico CFDI’s legislation.”

Randy Isdahl
Director of SAP Process Architecture, Brown-Forman

Benefits of Sovos CTC software for SAP users

Shield ERP custom-code from change.

Empower customers to handle current and future CTCs.

Maintain ERP as a single source of truth by automating the alignment of transactional data between customer ERP and government systems.

Match acknowledgement / approval / rejection codes to original invoices and near real-time reports submitted.