Kevin Akeroyd

As CEO, Kevin Akeroyd sets the strategy and tone of the company. Kevin can best be described as a leader who embraces transformation and innovation and understands the role that data and analytics play in driving company growth. He is a big thinker who encourages big ideas from his teams and balances those ambitions against the organization’s financial and operational realities.

He believes in being a purpose-driven organization that exists for the greater good. Culture is not a buzzword for him, but something he considers to be the fabric of the company. Kevin understands that having an organization where everyone feels included and can bring their true selves to work everyday leads to better outcomes. As a people leader first and foremost, he cares deeply about our employees, customers and partners as people.

Kevin is well-versed in technology, globalization and go-to-market strategies for sophisticated product portfolios. He understands the complexities of international business and how companies struggle to scale operations across a multitude of different borders, regulations and government overseers.

When not in the office, Kevin spends as much time as possible with his family. He is passionate and always welcomes a conversation about sports, travel, music and mother nature. A good debate about old world vs. new world wine is also something he will also actively entertain.

For more, see Kevin’s LinkedIn profile.