Adapt to Compliance Changes or Expanding Obligations with Sovos’ 1099 Managed Services

1099 managed services solutions

1099 managed services from Sovos helps organizations focus on strategy and reduce staff outputs

Tax and regulatory compliance challenges are quickly changing, bringing companies lots of risk and very little reward. Monitoring constant regulatory change can be difficult and lead to significant penalties if something is overlooked or mistakes are made. Form changes, such as the new 1099-NEC, consolidating data, standardizing formats, validations and deadline changes can further complicate your process. These big sweeping changes can create a huge impact virtually overnight – how can you scale your team? Does your company have the capacity and resources to adapt to last-minute compliance changes or expanding obligations? 

Sovos Managed Services offering can help your organization focus its strategy and reduce staff outputs for managing 1099 reporting. With managed services, Sovos develops a schedule for the tax year and drives reporting processes in a year-round cycle, relieving clients of the process creation burden and greatly diminishing the risk of missed filing deadlines and penalties. Employees can focus on strategic projects while Sovos handles 1099 reporting and guards against financial penalties.

“The responsive service provided by our associate has been great! She is always prompt in answering our questions or pulling data.”
– Sovos Taxport Enterprise and Managed Services client

Sovos 1099 Managed Services Overview

Your expert team will track updates and manage the 1099 reporting process on your behalf. 

Complete system administration

Sovos’ secure cloud system allows for complete and accurate reporting from start to finish. Our expert Managed Services Team provides comprehensive analysis and works to prevent audits and penalties.

Data management

Map, validate and centralize your data. Our expert-backed team will take care of all your data needs, allowing your staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.

Transmittal service

Transmittal testing is conducted annually and supports federal and state originals/corrections reporting. 

Report production

Per full accordance with state and federal requirements, Sovos’ expert team will create final reports for each state, send them to you for review and approval as well as answer all your customer service queries.

Pilot season

Through pilot processing, testing occurs for imputing, mapping and print outputs. Receive additional training for new and existing users and full visibility into your schedule of services.

Key Benefits of 1099 Managed Services

Let Sovos take care of 1099 reporting challenges

Mitigate risk and avoid costly penalties

Stay on track and file accurately and on-time by following your schedule of services created by your Managed Services representative

Process aggregation

Provide business continuity for your 1099 process in case of employee departures or unforeseen events

Cost savings

Achieve a lower cost with a more compliant, adaptable and scalable process that your business would not be able to achieve in-house

Award-winning technology

Give your organization the benefit of Tax Information Reporting software with little to learn and no updates to maintain 

Leverage process expertise

Identify areas of risk or process improvements with your Managed Services representative to enhance your policies and procedures

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See how Sovos’ 1099 managed service solutions can ease your 1099 management and reporting burden.
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