Keep Pace with Changing Sales and Use Tax Filing Requirements

Easier scalability to meet the challenges of new business and evolving tax complexities

get it right every time

Filing for all, no matter the size of your business.

As your company grows, it’s easy to become overwhelmed by how quickly your business exceeds thresholds in more jurisdictions, some of which you may have never sold in before. Without the right expertise in dealing with regulatory obligations, businesses can fall behind in a web of tax complexities and audit liabilities.

Our Sovos Filing offerings enable us to take on clients of all sizes and complexities, whether you file 50 returns a year or 500. Sovos’ intuitive software tools streamline the filing process and assist businesses that have the expertise to file on their own. We also have services for businesses looking to remove the burden of manual filing by fully outsourcing their process to our expert team of tax preparers.

What We Offer:

Sovos Filing

Our software tools streamline the filing process, easily consolidating your transactional data from your business systems. Customers can view how their transactional data was placed onto their returns for easier reconciliation and adjustment. Additionally, you can keep your tax team aligned by managing your filing calendar, assigning tasks and viewing the statuses of your returns. Sovos Filing helps you stay compliant with electronic data submission via e-File, electronic data interchange (EDI) and streamlined electronic return (SER) files to your local and state jurisdictions. 

Filing Connectors

Our library of filing connectors allow you to connect your ecommerce store to Sovos Filing in minutes, automatically pulling transaction data into Sovos and reducing the manual burden on your team. A simple one-minute activation allows for a “set and forget” connection that will reduce time spent on data reconciliation and return submission. Learn more about compatible platforms and our Filing Connectors here.

Sovos Filing with Managed Services

Work with a primary tax preparer.

  • Our team of tax experts prepare, file and remit your returns.
  • Feel confident in outsourcing your returns to our team of U.S.-based Sovos employees.

Add your data with ease.

  • Sovos’ Batch import software adapts to your data uploads. Import with pre-built templates and custom template options for field matching.
  • Use a pre-built Sovos Filing connector to pull your transactional data from popular marketplaces and e-commerce sites.

Available services include:

  • Money movement.
  • Notice handling.
  • Quality assurance review of returns.

The results you can expect:

Solution scalability.

Ensure your business can grow and expand across the U.S. without fearing tax complications.

Simplify your budget.

Our Filing pricing model can help lower monthly fees, providing our customers with a more accurate estimate of total cost.

Reduce audit risk.

Eliminate errors with proactive logic that highlights missing data based on nexus configuration to identify additional filing obligations.

Ease the burden.

Reduce the number of hours you or your team spends preparing, filing and remitting your returns each month.