Automated VAT Reporting Solutions

Streamline periodic reporting obligations with a future-proof VAT and SAF-T compliance solution

A VAT and SAF-T solution for compliance peace of mind

Sovos’ Advanced Periodic Reporting (APR) is a cloud solution that mitigates the risks and costs of compliance, future-proofing and streamlining the handling of customers’ periodic reporting obligations using data to deliver insights that power performance enhancement. The solution automates, centralises and standardises the preparation, reconciliation, amendment and validation of summary reports for tax authorities across VAT jurisdictions around the world.

Advanced periodic VAT reporting software

Global Coverage

Automates Complex End-to-end Processes

Future-Proof Your Tax

Real-Time Updates

Distinct Audit Trail

Save Time

Never Miss A Deadline

Data-Powered Insights

Comprehensive Error Checking

Software for VAT and SAF-T compliance

Streamline your periodic VAT reporting obligations

VAT is one of the fastest growing and rapidly changing indirect taxes. It’s a longstanding consumption tax whose popularity continues to grow.  With governments becoming bolder in introducing structural changes to the way they regulate and enforce VAT reporting, complying with ever changing and fragmented VAT rules can be challenging.

Companies with periodic reporting obligations across multiple jurisdictions face an ongoing cycle that requires data to be extracted, processed, reconciled, summarised and validated to meet a constant stream of deadlines.

Global and multinational companies with stretched resources want to automate, centralise, and standardise the processes needed to meet their periodic reporting obligations around the world, across both VAT and SAF-T.

This is a valuable first step in getting ready for the broader impact of tax administrations’ digital transformations for tax enforcement on business practices.


Advanced periodic reporting

Sovos APR saves you time. It empowers your tax and shared services teams to meet VAT reporting requirements and new VAT rules compliantly, efficiently and accurately wherever you operate. Our advanced and comprehensive value added tax software provides global coverage, giving you compliance continuity from Sovos wherever you have periodic reporting obligations.

Sovos APR powers a series of dashboards, trend analysis and reports providing you with valuable operational and strategic insights to ensure you are always on track with the output needed to meet your VAT obligations on time.

Sovos APR addresses extensive tax authority periodic reporting requirements across both EU and non-EU jurisdictions including VAT returns, EC Sales and Purchase Lists, Intrastat Declarations, complex reports (including SAF-T) and other country specific declarations.


Managed services

Technology enabled VAT managed services

A blend of human expertise and software to ease your VAT compliance workload and reduce risk wherever you operate today while ensuring you can easily flex to handle VAT requirements in the markets you intend to embrace tomorrow.

Using software to reduce the burden of VAT reporting obligations

Reduce total cost of VAT compliance

With a single provider for all global VAT reporting to automate manual tasks, standardise processes and reduce the need for outsourcing

Protect your business

By mitigating the risk of reputational damage or financial penalties when manual processes result in errors or missed deadlines

End-to-end handling

With automated data extraction and mapping to the latest VAT declarations, gathering, enhancing, analysing and reconciling VAT and logistical data from ERPs has never been easier. And for tax authorities that permit direct filing to their portal, Sovos APR can directly integrate with these too

Enhance decision making

With access to a dashboard view of summary data, trend analysis and detailed reports that can be used to drive strategic and operational decisions

Future-proof strategy

Partnering with Sovos not only provides compliance peace of mind for VAT and SAF-T reporting, it arms companies with insights to help ensure their processes are ready to produce the accurate, time-sensitive data demanded by continuous transaction controls

Save time

By automating with best-in-class processes from extraction through to filing

Monitor global VAT regulations

Sovos regulatory experts stay ahead of global tax updates, new rules, new schemas and changes to ensure our VAT software is always up to date

Maximize operational efficiency

By automating tax compliance processes and streamlining manual processes, resources can be redeployed to handle more strategic deliverables

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