Chief Talent Officer

Colleen Schlagel

Colleen Schlagel

As chief talent officer, Colleen Schlagel leads strategic planning and programs that enable organizational success across all of Sovos’ global locations. She believes strongly in the philosophy of hiring talented people and then enabling them to bring their selves to unleash their potential.
Since assuming the role of talent lead at Sovos, Colleen has built and run a highly engaged, growth-oriented, global team that has provided the company with the level of talent needed to support global growth.

In her view, every situation and interaction is an opportunity to grow professionally and bring additional value to the organization. She encourages her team to embrace learning about new cultures and locations to improve their chances of success. She also values creativity and trying new things when it comes to problem solving. Outside of the office Colleen is a dedicated mom to her three kids. As both a coach and mom, she takes a lot of pride in watching her kids evolve as people in both the classroom and on the basketball court.

Colleen came to Sovos through an acquisition and her advice to anyone facing a new situation is that attitude is everything. Choose your attitude, embrace new opportunities and you will be successful.

For more, see Colleen’s LinkedIn profile.