Chief Commercial Officer

Steve Sprague

As chief commercial officer, Steve Sprague drives corporate strategy, go to market initiatives, and field enablement for the company’s global value added tax (GVAT) business. Steve’s leadership style follows his core belief that for organizations to be successful, they must commit to and invest in the three strategic anchors of business – people, practices and products.

Under Steve’s guidance and leadership, Sovos’ GVAT line of business has experienced double-digit revenue and sales growth over the past several years. He has been instrumental in helping the company expand globally while integrating new technologies and employees into the Sovos culture.

Steve encourages proactivity in his teams. He believes that to progress as a professional, you need to ask questions and insert your point of view, rather than sitting silently by and waiting for information to come to you. If there is an opportunity to recommend ideas and concepts, Steve takes it.

When not focused on building businesses to respond to the latest international tax trends, Steve is likely spending time with his family. To him, providing a stable, happy home, while creating the opportunities for his family to chase their dreams is what true success looks like.

Being a mentor is a critical part of the job for Steve. He views leadership as not just telling someone what to do or asking what they could do differently if the desired outcome isn’t achieved. To him, great leadership is teaching someone and helping them grow in their career.

For more, see Steve’s LinkedIn profile.