President of Revenue

Alice Katwan

Alice Katwan, President of Revenue, Sovos

As president of revenue for Sovos, Alice drives growth strategy for the company through innovation. Alice can best be described as a lead by example type of manager who believes in the power of inspiring teams to do great things. She embraces collaboration and teamwork and is a big proponent of communicating transparently to ensure alignment.

Alice takes a customer-centric approach to leadership, impressing on her teams the importance of addressing pain points and providing value where customers need it most. Nurturing relationships with customers and partners over time to consistently learn and improve is at the core of her business philosophy. She is also committed to providing a diverse and inclusive environment for her teams where different perspectives and experiences are valued in driving creativity.

She is well-versed in SaaS technology, having led an on-premise GTM organization through the substantial transformation shift from on-premise to cloud based solutions. Alice also led the GTM team on the integration of a significant born in the cloud acquisition.

When not in the office, Alice spends as much time as possible with her family. She is passionate about health and wellness, embracing activities such as yoga, Orangetheory and preparing healthy meals. As someone who enjoys staying active, she can also be found frequently on either the golf course or pickle ball court.

For more, you can visit Alice’s LinkedIn profile.