Streamlined Sales Tax Compliance

Outsource your SST compliance responsibilities to a Certified Service Provider. Sovos’ Streamlined Sales Tax Model 1 program makes it easy to comply with the SST states in which you do business.

Save Money and Simplify Compliance

Let the Sovos team prepare and file your sales tax returns

The Streamlined Sales Tax™ (SST) Model 1 program makes it easier for businesses to comply with the sales tax laws of a given jurisdiction by allowing them to outsource most compliance responsibilities to a Certified Service Provider™ (CSP). Through the Model 1 program, Sovos clients are not charged for any of the returns filed in the SST states, as Sovos is directly compensated by those states. Sovos clients also receive no implementation fees for our tax determination or filing products used for compliance in SST states. As your CSP, Sovos helps your business stay compliant, while offering liability relief and cost reduction.

Sovos Model 1 clients can expect to receive exceptional implementation support from a hands-on team. We help determine how your products should be taxed, ensuring sales tax peace of mind while you navigate the complexities of modern day tax.

Product and Service Inclusions

Sovos is one of four CSPs certified by the SST Governing Board, offering clients completely accurate sales tax rates and simplified filing through our Model 1 program. Your end-to-end compliance will be supported by the following Sovos products and teams:

Global Tax Determination

Connect your ERP or business system to get real-time rates and taxability rules on your transactions from our determination engine.

Our active-active infrastructure ensures consistent uptime so you never miss a sales tax call.
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Sovos’ CertManager exemption certificate tools are also a critical tool for our Model 1 customers working with exempt customers. CertManager allows businesses to store and validate exemption certificates in real time, with the ability to fully automate the process through the Sovos Managed Services team.

How Model 1 Benefits Your Business

Escalated Support

Sovos Model 1 customer requests/cases are prioritized and sent to the top of the queue.

Liability Relief

No audit liability assessed for any errors resulting from properly used rate, rule or boundary information provided by the member states.

Increased Audit Protection

Sovos acts as the primary point of contact in respect to all notices of sales and use tax audits by member states.

Registration and registration updates

Register and/or update registration with all member states.

What is the Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) program?

The Streamlined Sales Tax (SST) program was established to make sales and use tax collection and administration simpler for businesses that operate in multiple states without a physical presence. Currently, 25 states participate in SST, making it easier for your company to collect and manage sales and use taxes for those jurisdictions. With the help of our services, SST filing becomes even less complicated for you by outsourcing it to our experts.