Chief Information Security Officer

James Prolizo

As chief information security officer (CISO), James Prolizo develops, implements and enforces security policies and procedures to protect the critical data of Sovos and its customers. His approach is to keep it simple and focus on what matters, being sure to understand the why and the data behind it, so he can make the best business decisions.

James lives by a set of core values instilled in by his parents. First, nothing worth having is given to you. You have to earn it through hard work and discipline. Second, you can’t accomplish important things alone, you will need help along the way. Lastly, take time to celebrate the victories along the way and recharge. He works to instill these same principles in his teams every day. James is a big believer in the value of testing and learning while being adaptive and iterative. Maybe you can’t be perfect, but you can always improve.

During his career, James has held a number of senior level technology positions where he has led transformational change and driven bottom line results for the business. Examples include, architecting and developing a new seamless, digital experience for a top news company that scaled without interruption to the consumer, and leading the development of a transaction balance automation system that handled billions of transactions a day while also giving intelligent insights for optimal cash flow.

When not at work, James is most likely spending time with his family, coaching his kids baseball or softball teams or tackling his latest home improvement project. His favorite getaway is his annual trip to Cape San Blas in FL, and while now an adult, he still makes time for Legos.

For more, you can visit James’ LinkedIn profile.