Vice President, Customer Success

Andrew Elvester

andrew elvester

As vice president of customer success, Andrew Elvester is charged with building and leading high-performing teams that improve customer interactions and create stronger relationships. He believes the key to creating and implementing positive change is the right attitude.  When teams embrace the business benefits of change and remain focused on our company mission, success will follow.

Since joining Sovos, Andrew has been instrumental in launching sales engineering and customer success functions. He has led the integration of several company acquisitions into these processes to ensure consistency across all of Sovos’ lines of business.

Andrew is a hands-on manager that likes to lead by example. He encourages his teams to keep a positive attitude, stay focused and work to simplify complex problems into solvable parts. He takes great pride in helping to foster the career growth of his teams and aid in their successes.

Outside of work Andrew enjoys running marathons, ultra-distance events and cross-country skiing.  He also enjoys spending time with his wife, dogs, traveling, cooking and fermenting.

For more, see Andrew’s LinkedIn Profile.