E-Invoice Archiving for 60+ Countries

There is no audit protection without e-archiving.


Universal, compliant e-invoice archiving for 60+ countries

Tax administrations across the world are spending billions on invoice control systems, putting pressure on you to implement e-invoicing compliance in a consistent, scalable and cost-effective manner. You can’t start thinking about this without e-archiving at the center of your plans. 

E-invoicing rules vary from country to country, but the common denominator nearly everywhere is the requirement to archive the “original” invoice.

Sovos eArchive provides universal, compliant e-invoice archiving for more than 60 countries, including country compliance maps, preservation sets, timestamps and signing and validation services. Post audit capabilities protect you from sudden audits and are automatically updated with local compliance requirements tracked by Sovos experts. 

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Sovos eArchive provides:

  • Global reach via a single API in clearance and post-audit countries
  • Flexible integration to any ERP system, third-party archive, P2P solution or EDI function
  • Support for custom and mandatory data with up to seven attachments, ensuring all required attachments, search criteria and other needs are archived 
  • The original invoice in its government-mandated schema, including XML, PDF and others
  • Storage of related attachments such as human-readable PDFs, previous audit results and attached documents
  • Organizational custom tags, allowing for quick searching and other non-audit-related tasks, like legal reviews and accounting look up
  • Country-specific security and rehash requirement solutions in countries where they are required, for example, Hungary and Italy
  • Defense against the normal wear and tear of archive access sessions due to audits, file retrievals and other actions
  • Authorized use and viewing of records
  • An audit trail, with tracking of who can access an archive 
  • Alignment with industry best practices, such as eIDAS, GDPR, ISAE 3402 Type II and encryption when at rest or in motion
  • Immediate tax proof with a single source of truth during audits, making invoices easy to find
  • Change management, with a solution constantly updated, maintained, and tested in all covered territories


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“Now that we’re working with Sovos Compliance, we have a proven system that makes certain that we are charging the correct amount of sales tax to every customer throughout our retail operation. We have reduced the chance that we will be selected for a tax audit, reduced the cost of complying with tax audits, and greatly reduced the potential that we will be subject to penalties.”

Carl Sweetland

Chief Information Officer and Vice President of IT Kelly-Moore Paints