Tax Withholding Software

Improve the accuracy and efficiency of payroll, non-wage and unemployment tax management with Sovos’ tax withholding software.

Making Tax Withholding More Accurate
Timely and accurate tax withholding

Withholding tax software from Sovos improves accuracy and efficiency

Ensuring timely and accurate tax withholding payments and filings is a challenge for most organizations trying to simultaneously navigate rapidly changing tax rules and business structures. The pressure to get it right and reduce the risk of penalties due to late or inaccurate payments or filings can cause a resource drain and distract from more strategic business objectives such as growth.

Sovos’ Tax Withholding software is designed to improve the accuracy and efficiency of tax withholding payments and returns for large, complex financial institutions and corporations. Sovos offers the only all-in-one tax withholding solution that centralizes and automates multi-jurisdictional payments and related reconciling returns for payroll, non-wage and state unemployment tax, ensuring compliance and reducing your risk exposure.

Key features of Sovos’ payroll tax withholding software include:

Payment calendar

Import liabilities from any payroll or source system and automatically schedule your tax payments

Full Reconciliation

Ensure accuracy for all transactions being reported to and paid to all federal, state and local agencies

Payments (remittances)

Simplify your process by automating your payments via EFTPS for Federal payments, NACHA for State payments, checks, setup payment feeds to your accounts payable or other financial systems, or completely outsource your payments to the Sovos experts and manage by exception

Filing returns

Produce pre-filled signature-ready IRS-approved Federal Schedules 940, 941, 941-X, 945, 945-X and 1042 forms and electronic filing, obtain information needed to file state equivalent forms, or outsource filing returns to Sovos experts

Audit Trail

Bolster audit defense with complete and transparent audit trails

Automatic Calculation

Calculate withholding tax automatically, saving you and your team a significant amount of time and reducing the risk of human error when entering the equation.

Streamline your tax withholding obligations with Sovos

Create operational efficiencies by automating or outsourcing manual or segmented tax withholding processes so that internal resources can focus on business critical tasks

Reduce compliance and audit risk at all jurisdictional levels by improving the accuracy and timeliness of tax withholding payments, returns and reconciliation

Prevent knowledge drain by automating key processes and moving important institutional knowledge away from a few select employees onto systems available to all

Mitigate security risks by eliminating spreadsheets used in manual withholding processes that are difficult to secure and lack visibility and managerial insight

Improve operations while reducing audit risk

Tax withholding solutions from Sovos allow you to automate manual processes and eliminate human error
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