Regulatory Analysis

Posted September 26, 2023 by Edit Buliczka
Bulgaria: New bank accounts at the National Revenue Agency

The Bulgarian Tax Office (“National Revenue Agency” or “NRA”) announced on its website, on September 20, 2023, that payments to the NRA should be paid to new bank accounts. The new bank accounts will be implemented for payments beginning in October 2023. There will be five bank accounts where taxes, social security and health payments, […]

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Posted September 20, 2023 by James Brown
Contribution to the FGTI: New Declarations

Following the previously announced delay to the mandatory online submission and direct debit settlement of IPT in France until 2025 at the latest, the General Directorate of Public Finances has now confirmed that this transition will take place with effect from January 1, 2024. This means that IPT liabilities incurred in the January 2024 period […]

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Posted August 7, 2023 by James Brown
Extension of Danish Guarantee Fund to Life Insurers Writing Occupational Accident Insurance

The Act on Guarantee Fund for Non-Life Insurance Companies, executive order no. 2067, has been amended recently by Act no. 480. The main change is that the scope of insurance companies liable to make contributions to the Guarantee Fund in Denmark has been extended to include life insurers writing occupational accidental insurance / industrial injury […]

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Posted July 20, 2023 by Christopher Branch
Austria IPT: Tax Amendment Act 2023 approved

On 14 June 2023, the government bill Tax Amendment Act 2023 – AbgÄG 2023 was approved amending The Insurance Tax Act 1953. The amendment enables third country domiciled insurance companies to register and settle Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) liabilities directly with the Austrian tax authority. Previously it was the responsibility of the policyholder or an […]

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Posted June 2, 2023 by Edit Buliczka
Hungary: Additional Insurance Extra Profit Tax Amendments

The Hungarian Government has modified the government decree (No. 197/2022) regulating the imposition of extra profit taxes as part of the 2024 Bill again. The new decree (No. 206/2023) published in the Hungarian National Gazette on 1 June 2023 is in effect as of 2 June 2023. The new decree extends the extra profit tax […]

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Posted January 18, 2023 by Edit Buliczka
Poland: Changes to financing of the Financial Ombudsman and its office

From 1 January 2023, changes have been made to how the Financial Ombudsman and its office are financed. The Ombudsman Act (2015/1348) was revised by the Act of 2022/2640, which also abolished prior regulations. The new rules don’t specify advance payments, and both filing and payment are annual. The annual fee is based on the […]

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Posted January 6, 2023 by Edit Buliczka
France: 2023 French Budget doubled the tax rate on agricultural insurance policies

The 2023 French budget (2022-1726 of December 30, 2022) was published on 30th December 2022. Among several changes in the tax legislation, there was a change in the so-called Rural and Maritime Fishing Code. This Code regulates the additional contribution on premium amounts that relates to insurance agreements on agricultural operations covering Damage to buildings […]

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Posted January 5, 2023 by Christopher Branch
Norway: Road Traffic Insurance Tax Rate Increase

The Norwegian Tax Authority have released the new tax rates for the Road Traffic Insurance Tax, the increase in the rates will come into effect from 1st March 2023. As before, the rates vary depending on the type of vehicle as displayed below:       Type of Vehicle Traffic insurance contract that is taken […]

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Posted January 5, 2023 by Edit Buliczka
Hungary: Government Decree on Insurance Extra Profit Tax Amended Again

The Hungarian government published a new decree (No. 258/2022) on 24 December 2022. It was enforced on 25 December 2022 and modifies the initial government decree (No. 197/2022) regarding the imposition of extra profit taxes. It’s the second revision to the initial decree within six months that changes the requirements for the so-called insurance extra […]

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Posted December 21, 2022 by Edit Buliczka
France: Mandatory IPT Online Submission – Further Delays to 2025

The French Parliament approved the Finance Bill for 2023 (“2023 Bill”) on 17 December 2022. It includes an amendment to Article 166 of Finance law no. 2019-1479 of 28 December 2019 for 2020. Whilst only the date has changed from 2023 to 2025, this has a huge impact on the settlement of French insurance premium […]

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Posted December 20, 2022 by Hector Fernandez
Spain: New Modelo 480 Published

On the 19 December 2022, the Agencia Estatal de Administración Tributaria (AEAT) published the new Modelo 480 for future submissions, including 2022, in the Spanish Gazette. Alongside this, an extension for the annual tax submission has been confirmed, with submissions allowed up to 31 January. This is a positive change as it allows for more […]

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Posted November 28, 2022 by Christopher Branch
IVASS Management Fee

The Institute for Insurance Supervision (IVASS) in Italy has published the management charge rate for the year 2023. It set the rate for 2023 at 4.26%. The management charge reduces the taxable basis applied to the Road Accident Victims Fund (RAVF) and Hunting Accident Victims Fund (HAVF) and is published annually in November.

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Posted August 2, 2022 by Sovos
Slovenia: Fire Brigade Tax Rate Virtually Doubled From 1 October 2022

On 13 May 2022, the Official Gazette of the Republic of Slovenia (no. 68/22) published a decree which amended the Decree on Fire Fee (FBT). The decree came into force on the fifteenth day following its publication and its rules are effective from 1 October 2022. The decree increased the rate of the FBT from […]

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Posted July 21, 2022 by Edit Buliczka
New Policy Statement Was Issued By The Dutch Tax Office

A new policy statement No. 2022-6224 was issued on 12th May 2022 by the Dutch Tax Office. The decree entered into force on 13th May 2022 except for section 3.2 Transport Insurance which will be effective one year later, that is as of 13th May 2023. Although the 11-page decree includes several sections and subsections, […]

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Posted June 16, 2022 by Edit Buliczka
Hungary: Supplemental IPT Introduced Due to Ukraine Conflict

From 1 July 2022, a supplemental IPT will be introduced by the Hungarian Government. The government decree (197/2022) is an addition to the existing IPT Law (Act 102/ 2012) and was published on 4 June 2022. The supplemental IPT is an additional charge to be borne by insurers. It is paid on top of the […]

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Posted March 15, 2022 by James Brown
Denmark: Change to Treatment of Industrial Injury Insurance

The Danish Guarantee Fund for Non-Life Insurers (the ‘Fund’) has confirmed the scope of a new Fund contribution due on industrial injury insurance in guidance dated 10 March 2022. With a view to ensuring that adequate capital is held by the Fund, a new contribution of DKK 30 per policy is due on all industrial […]

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Posted July 13, 2021 by Hector Fernandez

The system of penalties/surcharges for late submission without prior requirement by the Tax Authorities (Art. 27.2 LGT 58/2003) has been modified by the Act 11/2021 published on Saturday 10 July 2021 in the Spanish Gazette (BOE) and came into force on Sunday 11 July 2021. The new rule brings changes to the penalties/surcharges system. The […]

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Posted January 18, 2021 by Elliot Shulver
Danish Storm Flood Damage Insurance Levy Reduction

Effective from July 2021, the contribution to the Danish Storm Flood Damage Levy will be reduced from DKK 60 to DKK 40. The scheme has reached its target balance of DKK 500m therefore the temporary increase of DKK 20 which was introduced in 2014 has been removed. The scheme compensates policyholders, who have an insurance […]

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