How Insurers can Prepare for Tax Authority Audits

A tax authority audit can come in various forms, whether it be directly to the insurer itself or indirectly through a policyholder or broker. It can be targeted, for example, where an insurer has been specifically identified to be investigated due toa discrepancy on a tax return, or it can be indiscriminate in its nature […]

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How Insurers Can Prepare for Annual Reporting Requirements

Some European tax authorities require annual insurance premium tax (IPT) reports to be submitted for the calendar year in addition to regular monthly or quarterly reporting. Annual reports usually require significant detail, making the process time consuming and labour intensive for insurers. Annual reporting requirements vary from country to country, making it complex for cross-border […]

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Italian Parafiscal Complexities

Premium tax and parafiscal compliance for insurers authorised to operate under the Italian regime can be challenging. For the experienced, it may seem that each year brings a different obligation to be met with new requirements often being introduced. There are almost always links between an upcoming year’s reporting requirements and declarations made in previous […]

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