E-Delivery Note Compliance

From 1 July 2020 e-Delivery Note takes effect for businesses with annual sales revenue above TRY 25m.

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Turkey e-Delivery Note

Sovos e-Delivery Note fully complies with Turkey’s e-delivery note mandate. Connecting directly from your environment, or via our cloud API, our solution is designed to speed up your distribution and audit processes.

Sovos e-Delivery Note provides full visibility of all your delivery notes as well as the status of each one helping you keep track of the shipment process via the barcode on sent e-delivery notes. It allows instant access to all data, eliminating the possibility of deliveries being lost.

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Sovos e-Delivery Note solution for Turkey provides compliance peace of mind, as well as keeping you prepared for tomorrow.

Feature List


• Integrates with most accounting software via flexible API


• Easy to use cloud portal showing all of your delivery notes in one place (desktop and mobile)
• Eliminates the cost of manual processes: hardware, ink and delivery
• Archives digitally for ten years removing physical storage costs


• Creates and sends electronic delivery notes and receives replies instantly, accelerating the shipment process
• Strengthens business shipment process and reduces risk of human errors (including direct send via the software)


• Continually monitor TRA regulatory changes, and keep you informed with real-time updates