Sovos SAF-T Extraction

Save Time and Reduce Data Extraction Cost Required for SAF-T Report Preparation

Automate tax data extraction from SAP

Remove the pain of getting data into diverse country SAF-Ts with changing schemas.

The data needed to complete a SAF-T report is diverse. It ranges from accounts receivable and accounts payable data, such as billing and purchasing documents, to accounting data found in general ledger entries. It can also include information about fixed assets and inventory, more often associated with the annual financial statement than with VAT returns and other VAT-related periodic declarations. Getting such large quantities of varied data (depending on the country, this can be as extensive as 1,000 fields) from across different modules in SAP or from multiple SAP instances, using traditional extraction methods is both time-consuming and labor-intensive. 

Sovos automates extraction of your data from SAP as a first step to preparing a compliant SAF-T report. This SAF-T extraction frees up SAP experts to focus on more strategic IT initiatives that affect your business. We continually track changes to different jurisdictional SAF-T requirements and ensure these are codified in the Sovos SAP Framework that extracts data for mapping to the approved legal structure.

If you opt to extract your own data for SAF-T generation in SAP or have other ERP/source systems, we have complementary modules in our triple play SAF-T solution to help you achieve accurate and robust SAF-T output and SAF-T audit.

With SAF-T extraction, you can also present your data to us in various electronic formats (e.g., CSV, TXT) then use both SAF-T analysis and SAF-T generation to ensure the SAF-T file you plan to submit meets the expectations of the relevant tax authority. 

Alternatively, if your data is prepared in the legal SAF-T XML structure for the specific jurisdiction, it will be ready to be validated using our SAF-T Analysis module.

Automatically extracted data pushed to the Sovos APR cloud for mapping to the relevant country-specific
SAF-T file

Eliminate need for a bespoke solution designed, built and maintained by SAP experts

Update tax data extraction requirements as SAF-T expands to more jurisdictions

Align to APR SAF-T common data model, which covers the full requirements of the OECD’s revised standard SAF-T schema from 2010

Ensure the data extracted is always aligned with country-specific schema requirements as existing SAF-T obligations evolve

Build up the required data gradually, by extracting the required data on an ongoing basis, rather than waiting for the end of a reporting period or a request from the tax authority

Use Sovos’ complementary SAF-T analysis and SAF-T generate modules to review the data integrity and make any necessary adjustments well ahead of SAF-T reporting deadlines

Reduce costs of SAF-T data extraction and consolidation

Learn more about how Sovos alleviates the data extraction burden from SAP.

We streamline the end-to-end process of producing accurate, submission-ready SAF-T files required by different tax authorities.
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