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Tax authorities are going digital​​

The wave of governments making tax digital is gaining momentum and shows little sign of slowing. Authorities globally continue to look for ways to tighten loopholes, reduce tax gaps and gain greater visibility into insurers’ tax liabilities.

Taxes on insurance are fragmented. And achieving compliance can be a headache requiring specialist knowledge especially as no two jurisdictions are the same and currencies, rates, deadlines and location of risk rules may vary by country.


Technology is driving innovative compliance solutions in response to these growing demands

Against this backdrop, insurance companies are faced with mounting pressure to protect profit margins amidst competition from new entrants and often from old and legacy systems.

As proactive initiatives like electronic returns and more granular reporting become a reality for insurers, factors like determining IPT liabilities, reporting transparency, audit trails and accuracy become increasingly critical.

White Paper

Trends: Insurance Premium Tax

To gain a holistic view on the fate of insurance premium tax compliance, download our white paper. It also contains additional articles drawing on our knowledge and experiences of the industry.

With Sovos IPT be confident in compliance amid rapid change

Focus on your business objective

Sovos safeguards companies from the headache of this ever-evolving landscape. Customers can be confident in their compliance so they can focus on their core business objectives and what they do best.

Trusted by Fortune 500 companies

Sovos actively works with insurers across Europe including many of the top 100 UK insurers, FTSE Eurotop 100 and Fortune Global 500 companies.

Save time and money

Our software simplifies the preparation of insurance premium tax and parafiscal returns. It provides accurate, real-time tax rates and calculations helping you reduce the amount of errors and reprocessing needed, operational effort to manage tax calculations, and reporting overheads, audits, and potential fines.

Technology Enabled IPT Managed Services

A blend of human expertise and software to ease your IPT compliance workload and reduce risk wherever you operate today while ensuring you’re ready to handle your IPT compliance requirements in the markets you intend to dominate tomorrow.

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The Impact of No Claims Bonuses on Insurance Premium Tax

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Brexit: Implications for Insurers as Year End Approaches

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In Focus: Italian Registrations and the Filing Process

As an insurer authorised to write business in Italy, IVASS (Italian Insurers Supervisory Board) have provided you with the appropriate insurance certificate but what else is needed and what happens next? This is just the start of a lengthy and at times demanding journey towards insurance premium tax (IPT) compliance. At the outset, the insurer […]

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Who Bears the Cost of Insurance Taxes – the Insurer, or the Insured?

In most cases, the primary responsibility of calculating, reporting and settling insurance premium tax (IPT) remains with the insurance company. But similar to VAT and other indirect taxes, although the insurer acts as the collector and administrator, the economic cost is ultimately borne by the policyholder as the purchaser of the insurance. The cost can’t […]

October 6, 2020
A Managed Approach to IPT Compliance

For cross-border insurers, navigating the complex tax landscape across multiple jurisdictions can feel overwhelming. Tax authorities continue to take measures to boost revenues, increase efficiency and reduce fraud.  There is a notable shift towards digital insurance premium tax (IPT) reporting, which places an additional burden on insurers. Ensuring that taxes are filed correctly and are […]

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In Focus: Europe’s Diverse Declaration Methods

There’s no harmonisation across Europe for how tax declarations are submitted. And methods vary tax by tax, country by country, and even region by region. This can be challenging for many insurers in not only meeting current requirements but in also keeping up with the ever changing insurance premium tax (IPT) landscape. Frequency Although there […]