The Only Global Solution for Continuous Transaction Control Compliance

Value-added tax (VAT) is the most significant indirect tax for nearly every country on earth, but massive amounts go uncollected every year. In Europe, the annual VAT gap is similar to the GDP of Norway.

manage complex regulations

Ensuring e-invoicing compliance in more than 60 countries

To help communities thrive, governments around the world are embracing e-invoicing controls designed to close the VAT gap, but every country writes its regulations differently. Because there are no global rules for enforcement, compliance is notoriously complex — especially for multinational companies.

The other digital transformation

There is a right way and a wrong way to get real-time tax compliance done.

The move toward continuous and real-time tax compliance pushes businesses toward a digital transformation you might not have anticipated but to which you must quickly adapt.

Fragmented enterprise systems, technologies and processes make it hard to prosper in a world of modern tax.

Keep your business running smoothly, all over the world, with the only scalable, end-to-end solution capable of ensuring compliance in more than 60 countries.

Local knowledge, global reach

Covering 60+ countries

Stay ahead of the requirements and laws coming next in each country with clearance and post-audit expertise, and global coverage.

Nimble response for a dynamic landscape

With a hybrid cloud model and customization to seamlessly deliver regulatory updates, you'll have minimal need for IT involvement.

Embedded in the business process platforms you use today

More than 60 business process platform vendors offer Sovos e-invoicing compliance solutions.

Benefits of the Sovos S1 Platform

Lower costs

Reduce the IT costs of compliance support by up to 84 percent, and lower your transactional unit costs.

Simplified operations

With a single platform for managing accounts receivable, accounts payable, e-archiving and VAT reporting, boost employee productivity by 25 percent.

Decreased risk of penalties & reputational damage

Automate processes and verifications for clearance and post-audit countries, and link to all related documents, from purchase order to invoice to tax reporting.


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“Our biggest challenge was that Philips had a global IT architecture and strategy based on our ERP platform… the international team not only approved the adoption of the [Sovos] system; the solution became part of the overall architecture strategy.”

Alexander Quinze

CIO & Head of Operational Excellence at Royal Philips