Sovos – Your Partner in Compliance and Reporting Across Europe

Governments in European Union countries reported losing €159.5 billion in VAT revenue in 2014, making this a critical challenge for them. Their response is to enforce a growing number of business-to-government regulations, from local VAT determination and reporting to cross-border information exchanges between governments. 

To keep pace with these legislative changes, organisations operating in Europe need to rapidly implement new processes and technologies.


Local Knowledge + Global Infrastructure

From our offices in Amsterdam and London, Sovos can help clients in Europe to navigate this web of regulation. We offer a full suite of software backed by managed service solutions that can be deployed quickly to reduce the burden and risk of compliance.

  • Mitigate Risk

    Reduce error and audit risk with real-time validations.

  • Improve efficiency

    Decrease processing time with our streamlined look-up and data extraction tools.

  • Increase visibility

    Create a clear audit trail with full visibility into transactions and changes.

  • Complete all obligations

    Fulfill FATCA, CDOT and CRS obligations from a single interface.

  • Consolidate data

    Connect data from multiple sources, systems and lines of business.

Recommended Products

Sovos VAT Reporting

Stay ahead of rapid VAT reporting changes across the globe.

With Sovos, global businesses are empowered to tackle the most complex VAT reporting requirements now and into the future.


Sovos VAT Determination

Defending global businesses against value-added tax burdens, Sovos delivers accurate, efficient VAT determinations.


Sovos Europe Reporting

Sovos is an ally for businesses as European countries roll out complex e-invoicing and fiscal reporting requirements.


AEOI Manager

Sovos Automatic Exchange of Information (AEOI) solution offers intelligent compliance in 100+ countries.


Sovos Difference

Sovos gives global organizations transparency into their compliance initiatives worldwide, providing a single solution that integrates with existing ERPs and technological solutions. Our combination of accurate, responsive regulatory analysis, nimble software, local knowledge and global infrastructure gives our clients confidence that they in compliance and ahead of change, with the freedom to focus on strategy and innovation. The Intelligent Compliance Cloud scales with both our clients needs and regulatory updates, ensuring accuracy and efficiency while reducing costs.


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