Poland: JPK_VAT launch delayed to October 2020

Jeff Gambold
May 29, 2020

On 28 May 2020, the Polish Ministry of Finance announced that compulsory filing by all taxpayers of the new combined JPK_VAT uniform control file and VAT return structure has been deferred to 1 October 2020 due to compliance challenges arising from coronavirus, according to a Gazeta Prawna report. It was previously deferred to 1 July as part of the government’s Tarczy Antykryzysowej Coronavirus Anti Crisis Shield.  It is therefore anticipated that the first filing under the new structure will be the monthly JPK_V7M for October 2020, due by 25 November 2020.   

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Jeff Gambold

Jeff Gambold is a Senior Regulatory Specialist at Sovos, with responsibility for ensuring that the SVR product is kept updated and compliant with the latest VAT legislative changes. Prior to joining Sovos, Jeff worked in various VAT advisory and management roles within HMRC, UK Top 15 accounting practices and commercial business.
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