Norway: Road Traffic Insurance Tax Rate Increase

Christopher Branch
January 5, 2023

The Norwegian Tax Authority have released the new tax rates for the Road Traffic Insurance Tax, the increase in the rates will come into effect from 1st March 2023. As before, the rates vary depending on the type of vehicle as displayed below:




Type of Vehicle

Traffic insurance contract that is taken out or has a principal maturity, and fee that has been received from March 2023 (or later)
Fee group a:

Passenger cars, vans, camper vans, buses, combination cars, lorries, as well as towing vehicles with a permissible total weight of 3,500kg or more



8,38 kr

Tax group b:

Diesel-powered motor vehicles in tax group a, that do not have a factory-fitted particulate filter


9,84 kr

Charge group c:

Annual test identification marks for motor vehicles


8,38 kr

Tax group d:

Motorcycles; three-wheeled, light, medium and heavy


6,10 kr

Tax group e:

Other vehicles

1,42 kr

Tax group f:

Motor vehicles that only use electricity for propulsion, including motor vehicles where the electricity is produced in fuel cells



8,38 kr


As previously, this fee is only required for domestically registered vehicles.

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Christopher Branch

Christopher is a junior regulatory counsel. Based in London, he earned a Bachelor’s degree from Oxford Brookes. Having joined Sovos in 2019, Christopher worked in the registrations department before moving to the training and documentation side of the business to support both VAT and IPT lines of business.
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