Hungary: Real-Time Invoice Reporting 3.0 Updates Technical Documentation

Carolina Silva
March 3, 2023

The Hungarian Tax Authority published in the test environment of the platform an update of the API documentation: Online Invoicing System 3.0 Interface Specification adding new ERROR message to be introduced in the Online Invoicing System.

This blocking validation error refers to INVALID_LINE_OPERATION (Error 60) triggered where “MODIFY” is specified in the value of the lineOperation element in an item in the data submission from a modifying or invalidating invoice. Therefore the value of lineOperation must always be “CREATE” for those operations.

This update follows the recommendation already present in current official documentation, where it was recommended that for corrections of numeric and quantitative data the use of lineOperation “MODIFY” should be avoided and instead, recommended the use of lineOperation “CREATE”.

The new version is already available for testing in the test environment and is scheduled to go live on the production website on the 15th of May 2023.

Currently, this document is available only in the test environment. However, this document and its English version should be published soon in the production environment.

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Carolina Silva

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