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Posted October 16, 2019 by Ramón Frias
Colombia Extends Deadline for Compliance with Pre-Validated E-Invoice

The Colombian tax administration (DIAN) has issued a new Resolution 0000064/2019 that basically extends by 2 to 3 months the deadline for complying with the new pre-validation system established by Resolution 000020/2019. Originally, Resolution 0000020 established two schedules of compliance: The first one classified the taxpayers into 14 groups, and established deadlines according to the […]

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Posted August 9, 2019 by Ramón Frias
Mandatory Switch to UBL 2.1 in Colombia Delayed But Coming Up Fast

[August 9, 2019] Effective November 2, 2019, most taxpayers in Colombia will be required to transmit electronic invoices pursuant to the schema defined by Universal Business Language (UBL) Version 2.1. Specifically, the Colombian Tax Administration (DIAN) issued Resolution 000020/2019 establishing the schedule for complying with the new pre-clearance e-invoicing requirements and for upgrading to UBL […]

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