Rein in Rapidly Evolving VAT Reporting Requirements with Ease

HMRC approved supplier of Making Tax Digital software

HMRC approved supplier of Making Tax Digital software

A €151 billion VAT Gap, tightening regulations, manual processes, and human error expose businesses around the globe to major risk.

With Sovos, global businesses are empowered to tackle the most complex VAT reporting requirements now and into the future.

Tax authorities worldwide are using strict reporting requirements to gain more visibility into value-added tax activities to increase collections and close revenue gaps. In fact, E.U. countries alone reported a VAT gap of €159.5 billion in uncollected revenues in 2014. As a result, governments are working to curb this trend with increased regulations.

For businesses impacted by heightened VAT complexities in today’s digital landscape, inaccuracies and human error are a common occurrence resulting from manual processes, and compliance can result in major headaches for IT and tax teams.

Sovos VAT reporting offers a way to analyze large volumes of transactional data and validate VAT results efficiently. By significantly reducing processing times, businesses are able to focus on core business strategies and submit required reports with confidence via the Intelligent Compliance Cloud™.

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Here is what Sovos' VAT reporting solution can do for you:

  • Centralize

    Simplify the burden of VAT by managing all of your requirements (and changes to those requirements) for every jurisdiction in one easy to use interface.

  • Standardize

    Rest easy knowing all your business partners around the globe are using a consistent, standardized reporting process.

  • Automate

    Save time turning painstaking, manual tasks like compliance research, and data validation into quick clicks of a button.

Here is how:

  • Real-time updates

    Receive up to the minute updates for every jurisdiction you have VAT obligations in, all in a single, simple, centralized location.

  • Automated processing

    Save time never generating returns, intrastate returns, and listings manually again.

  • Data accuracy, analytics, & reporting

    Boost productivity by automatically adding, adjusting, correcting, and validating data based on your own custom accuracy settings.

  • Data Extraction and Upload

    Solve data management in seconds with the ability to extract and upload extensive amounts of existing data from multiple legacy/host/ERP systems into a single interface.

Here are a few organizations that use Sovos' VAT solution today:

Success Story

Find out how Ashland, a global specialty chemicals company, used Sovos VAT reporting solution to rein in its obligations in 40 VAT regimes and over two shared service centers.

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