eBook: IPT Compliance – A Guide for Insurers

Keeping up to date with the latest rates, rules, and regulation of Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) is a challenge for insurers. Not to mention this is especially complex for insurers writing across multiple territories.

Written by Sovos’ team of regulatory specialists, IPT Compliance – A Guide for Insurers provides everything you need to know about the IPT regulatory landscape.

A mix of deep dive country-by-country information in addition to guidance on IPT and the digital tax landscape, this guide is for any insurer wanting to know more about IPT compliance.

Despite its focus on Europe, our guide also explores other jurisdictions in Asia, Australia, North and South America. This guide is your trusted source of information wherever in the world you write business.

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The IPT Compliance Guide for Insurers includes:

  • The evolving digital tax landscape
  • Tax compliance intensifies – the cost of getting it wrong
  • Technology disconnect and why IPT needs prioritising
  • The changing landscape for European captives and the challenges ahead
  • Easing the stress of IPT filings
  • The complexities for insurers when writing insurance through third parties
  • Indirect tax rules for insurance across the world
  • European country deep dives
  • How Sovos can help

The digital future of IPT

The tax landscape is changing. Governments across the globe are looking to technology that helps to fill tax revenue gaps and also speed up tax collection. As a result, tax authorities are increasing their focus on the insurance industry. They are ensuring IPT and parafiscal taxes are collected correctly, accurately, and on time.

In light of the rise of digital tax regimes and granular reporting, IPT compliance should be a priority for insurers. Incorrect filing or reporting can lead to costly penalties and reputational damage otherwise.

Our IPT Compliance Guide for Insurers e-book provides guidance on the many elements of IPT compliance. This includes tax point, tax rates, currency, filing, submission and the importance of accurate data.

Owing to the recent changes in IPT across Europe, including Spain’s complex and detailed reporting requirements and Portugal’s Stamp Duty reporting, this guide will help you navigate the ever-changing IPT landscape.

The IPT Compliance Guide for Insurers takes an in-depth look into some of the more complex and unique IPT jurisdictions across Europe. This includes Italy, Slovakia, Portugal, France, Germany, Spain, Finland, Denmark, and the UK.

Europe is the third largest insurance captive domicile in the world. Around 15% of companies are established within the continent. This e-book also contains relevant IPT rules, applicable charges, and guidance for captives.

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