Quartz Corp. avoids B-notices with Sovos

Case Study

The Quartz Corp.

With Sovos’ online 1099 reporting solution, The Quartz Corp. has successfully avoided B notices and potential financial penalties.

The Company

The Quartz Corp., headquartered in Spruce Pine, NC, is a major provider of high-quality quartz sand for use in products such as semiconductors, solar panels and optical fibres. Originally incorporated in 1957, the company has about 110 employees.

The Solution

Sovos helped The Quartz Corp. automate 1099 reporting and avoid using inefficient and time-consuming manual processes. With the ability to check for errors before filing, The Quartz Corp. has not received a B notice in the time it has been using the Sovos online 1099 reporting solution.

“There’s just no way you could manually do 1099 reporting. With Sovos, we’re able to check the federal tax ID numbers ahead of time, so I don’t know that we’ve gotten any B notices in the last several years.”

Staff accountant, The Quartz Corp.