Regions: Asia Pacific

Japan’s Tax System

Japan’s Tax System Japan’s Tax System Starting with the introduction of a multiple tax rate system in 2019, Japan is in the middle of a

Indonesia’s E-Invoicing System

Indonesia’s VAT requirements Indonesia’s e-invoicing system and continuous transaction controls After experiencing challenges in its tax control system, Indonesia’s e‑invoicing system, locally known as e‑Faktur,


Thailand Electronic Invoicing New Regulations

Thailand’s New Approach to Electronic Invoicing New regulations for e-tax invoicing and receipts expected soon. Thailand’s current e-invoicing legal framework has been in effect since

Philippines VAT Requirements

Philippines VAT Requirements VAT in the Philippines There have been improvements in recent years to VAT revenue collection in the Philippines, but there are a

e-invoicing reforms

China’s E-invoicing Expansion

China’s E-Invoicing Expansion The move to customer facing e‑invoices grows in China. China’s VAT digitization journey began nearly two decades ago with the rollout of

Australia Boosts B2B E-invoicing
Electronic Invoicing

Australia Boosts B2B E-invoicing

Unlike many other country initiatives that we have seen in the e-invoicing space recently, Australia does not seem to have any immediate plans to introduce

ebook: Managed Services for VAT Compliance

Sovos’ end-to-end, technology-enabled VAT Managed Services can ease your compliance workload and mitigate risk where-ever you operate today, while ensuring you’re ready to handle the VAT requirements in the markets you intend to dominate tomorrow.

Vietnam E-invoicing Roll-Out in July 2022
Electronic Invoicing

Vietnam: E-invoicing Roll-Out in July 2022

During the last decade, the Vietnamese government has been developing a feasible solution to reduce VAT fraud in the country by adopting an e-invoice requirement

Tax Compliance

Indirect Tax Rules for Insurance Across the World

Many tax authorities are increasing their focus on the insurance industry in an effort to close tax revenue gaps, with many introducing Insurance Premium Tax (IPT) and other indirect taxes for insurance. Globally, IPT is fragmented across over 200+ countries and achieving compliance can be a complex process requiring specialist knowledge.

Trends 13th Edition 2022

Welcome to the 13th edition of Sovos’ annual Trends report where we put a spotlight on current and near-term legal requirements across regions and VAT compliance domains.