Taxware Content Powers CNBC Tax Holiday Infographic

CNBC sales tax holiday graphic is based on Taxware tax content. In the article, “Where and When to Snag Sales Tax Breaks Across the US,” CNBC shares an interactive infographic that highlights state sales tax holidays.   The graphic is based on tax content created and shared by the Taxware Tax Research Team. The Tax Department […]

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Taxware’s own Charles Maniace and Matthew S. Walsh are interviewed for the article along with J. Craig Shearman, of the National Retail Foundation. featured an article by Krystina Gustafson of CNBC, “Sales Tax Breaks Boost Back-to-School Shoppers’ Spending Power.” The article discusses the popularity of back-to-school sales tax holidays, their popularity with consumers and […]

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4th Annual Convey New York Regional Summit is coming soon

We at Convey Compliance Systems Inc., an industry leader for third-party tax information reporting, will soon host our fourth annual New York Regional Summit on Thursday, Aug. 7 from 8:30 a.m. to 2:30 p.m. Eastern Time. The event will take place at the New York Marriott Downtown, located at 85 West St., Manhattan, NY 10006. As […]

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Cloud Computing Part 1: What is "The Cloud"?

*Part 1 of a four part blog series addressing the issues associated with sales tax and cloud computing. What Is The Cloud? Unless you have been hiding underground for the past few years it is hard to imagine you haven’t heard of the cloud. Yes, the cloud, the ever present all-encompassing term for all that data […]

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Convey is launching a best practices survey

Convey Compliance Systems Inc., a leader in nonwage tax compliance services, is launching the industry’s first Tax Reporting Best Practices study. By devoting a few minutes to our survey, you aid in the aggregation of valuable benchmark information from the best sources available: the tax professionals that make up our industry. Participants will complete a […]

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Are You Ready for the 2014 Sales Tax Holidays?

Taxware releases the Official 2014 List of State Sales Tax Holidays. Every year, many states participate in Sales Tax Holidays intended to boost economic activity. Many of these holidays take place during the back-to-school shopping season. It is important to note that sales tax holidays frequently apply only to certain types of purchases and that […]

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A Prescription for Use Tax Issues in Michigan

The Michigan legislature recently passed H.B. 4831. Effective March 14, 2014, the bill exempts from sales tax over-the-counter (OTC) drugs purchased pursuant to a prescription. Although true for sales tax, H.B. 4831 does not equally exempt the purchase of OTC drugs from use tax. While this might seem like an innocuous distinction, this lack of unity […]

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Sales Tax Adapter for Microsoft Dynamics Users

  Microsoft Dynamics’ business solutions have long offered their customers customizable, user-friendly ways to better manage their end-to-end company processes. Manufacturing or retail, e-commerce or the public sector, Microsoft Dynamics is increasingly compelling for businesses to better manage and meet company goals. In an effort to best accommodate this exciting and fast-growing ERP, Taxware is […]

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Retail Sales Tax News, Winter 2014

Retailers with business operations in the United States and around the world rely on Taxware’s products and services to ensure they are in compliance with the latest legal, regulatory, and policy changes. Our team of tax experts maintains the accuracy of millions of taxability rules (which include rates, product taxability, place of supply rules, rounding […]

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2014 North Carolina Sales Tax Changes

2014 North Carolina Sales Tax Changes The new year has brought with it significant sales and use tax changes in North Carolina. Last summer Governor Pat McCrory signed into law a comprehensive tax reform package that was passed by the North Carolina General Assembly. The reforms lowered the state income tax while also subjecting a […]

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