VAT Determination - VAT ID Validator

Automate VAT ID validation for effective invoice processing and periodic reporting

Automate VAT ID validation process and save time

Changing suppliers and introducing new companies to supply chains is a common requirement for multijurisdictional businesses. As part of due diligence, VAT ID checks are obligatory, with requirements varying across VAT and GST jurisdictions. 

Manually processing customer VAT numbers to ensure they’re legitimate can be incredibly time-consuming and resource intensive. For certain transactions, checking the validity of the VAT identification numbers is a necessary requirement for tax exemption.

Delays or errors in the VAT ID validation process can have a knock-on effect on supply chains, delaying clearance at customs and increasing the risk of financial penalties during an audit, affecting future profitability.

Teams could save valuable time and improve data accuracy by implementing an automated VAT ID validation solution.

Increase compliance with advanced VAT ID check capabilities

Sovos VAT Determination – VAT ID Validator module is an SAP-certified add-on, providing automated VAT ID checks across multiple VAT and GST jurisdictions. It provides qualified retrieval, validation and storage of VAT ID validation results via official centralized authority databases.

The software reduces the manual process of verifying VAT numbers and offers the possibility of automated checking directly from your SAP system. It helps teams establish a best practice approach to increase compliance and achieve accurate, reliable and fully transparent VAT determination decisions for sales invoices as well as being key to the evaluation of purchase invoices.

Sovos VAT Determination is a flexible, automated suite of SAP modules providing efficient, transparent and correct identification of VAT determination processes across chain transactions for sales and purchases, including VAT ID checks, monitoring and reporting. Sovos VAT Determination – VAT ID Validator is one of four add-ons available within the suite.

Sovos VAT ID Validator module is a certified add-on for SAP

Save time with an automated VAT ID validation solution

Secure and intelligent SAP-certified add-on for customer and vendor tax ID verification

Automated tax ID verification via various interfaces including VIES, BZSt and Finanz Online

Fully integrated VAT ID checks within SAP processes, including Order to Cash (O2C) and Procure-to-Pay (P2P)

Classification of results into green, yellow and red lists for a comprehensive overview

Qualified retrieval, validation and storage of VAT ID validation results via official national tax authority and EU databases

Reduce time spent on VAT ID validation with mass queries, autofill options and tailored configuration