E-Ledger Compliance

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Turkey e-Ledger

Sovos e-Ledger fully complies with the Turkish e-ledger mandate. Connecting directly from your environment, or via our cloud API, our solution is designed to digitize the process of keeping and archiving cash ledger information – including ledgers stored with other vendors. It provides full visibility of your data with secure archiving for ten years.

Sovos e-Ledger solution for Turkey provides compliance peace of mind, as well as keeping you prepared for tomorrow.

Feature List


• Flexible integration with most accounting software using API


• Meets all requirements, standards, and formats defined by TRA
• Upload basic file formats manually
• Upload and archive previous ledgers
• Ensures compatible information transfer between private and public institutions
• Continually monitor TRA regulatory changes, and keep you informed with real-time updates


• Access ledger data anytime, anywhere
• Fast and secure structure to access and check the ledgers
• Minimizes the risk of penalty from TRA by checking the schema before submitting


• Reduces costs by eliminating related hardware costs
• Digitally archives for ten years removing physical storage costs

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