Prepare Your SAP Solutions for the Digital Future of Tax

Stay ahead of disruptive changes in tax and safeguard the value of your SAP implementation


How will tax impact processes in your S/4HANA upgrade? Download our new ebook to learn how to prepare S/4HANA for continuous tax compliance.

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Sovos solutions ensure tax won't disrupt your ERP initiatives

Technology has transformed your business and your products, and it’s about to change your ERP. But, it’s also transforming tax, and it could have a significant impact on your plans for S/4HANA.

Governments are using big data and modern technology to enforce collection of transactional taxes, such as VAT and sales and use tax. Companies that don’t keep up face potential financial penalties, loss of reputation–and costly disruption to your most important SAP initiatives.

Stay ahead with the first complete solution for modern tax.

The Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud is the first complete solution for modern tax certified for SAP.

Global Tax Determination

Real-time tax rates for sales and use tax, excise tax, VAT and GST, certified for S/4HANA

Improve accuracy with support for millions of product and jurisdictional combinations

Buy and sell anywhere with global coverage of sales tax, excise tax, VAT and GST

Defend audits with a single line of sight into all your tax data


E-invoicing compliance for more than 60 countries

Avoid disruptions with real-time management of clearance e-invoicing responses

Audit-proof your business with support for e-signature and e-archiving requirements

Prepare SAP for real-time, transaction level compliance on every continent

Tax Reporting

Fully automated reporting & payment for traditional & modern transaction-level tax, including sales & use, VAT and GST

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Centralize global reporting into one platform

Avoid late fees and penalties by eliminating human error

Reduce the burden on your staff with optimized work flows

Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud for SAP

Sovos Intelligent Compliance Cloud is the first complete software solution for safeguarding businesses from the burdens and risks of modern tax, providing the three core pillars of tax on one platform:

  • Tax determination
  • E-invoicing compliance
  • Tax reporting

Components of the Intelligent Compliance Cloud are available both integrated with and embedded in SAP solutions.

Aligned with SAP

Sovos has been a partner with SAP for 20 years.

Sovos is a long-term SAP partner and holds certifications for the R/3, ECC and S/4HANA platforms. We worked with SAP to shape the future of tax software in the S/4HANA Cloud solution, and Sovos and SAP have created an early adopter program for companies using Sovos Global Tax Determination and Sovos eInvoice.


Support every type of e-invoicing legislation in every transactional system. Fully automate preparation, filing and payment for traditional and digital tax reporting


Monitor, interpret and deliver compliance requirements for thousands of taxing jurisdictions and keep your financial systems compliant in real time.


Connect your tax applications and business systems for coverage across your financial core, and connect with thousands of regulatory bodies around the world.