Brazil: GTIN Consultation Becomes Available on the NF-e and NFC-e SVRS Portal

Kelly Muniz
May 25, 2022

From 12 September 2022, the GTIN (Global Trade Item Number, formerly called EAN code) will be validated by the NF-e and NFC-e authorization systems. The NF-e and NFC-e that cover products with a GTIN must have the information corresponding to this code validated with the GTIN Centralized Registry (Cadastro centralizado de GTIN – CCG), in accordance with Ajuste Sinief 07/05 and 19/16 and with the specifications and planned schedule in Technical Note 2017.003 v1.00.

GTIN is not mandatory for the brand owner. However, once registering their GTINs, the brand owner must maintain the codes up to date with the National Products Registry of GS1 (Cadastro Nacional de Produtos – CNP). Resellers and distributors who buy products with a GTIN must be aware of any updates made to the GTIN by the brand owner, since a non-existent or non-compliant code will lead to rejection of the NF-e/NFC-e.

A link for GTIN consultation is now available in the NF-e and NFC-e portals of the SVRS (Sefaz Virtual Rio Grande do Sul).

Link for GTIN consultation in the NF-e portal: Portal da Nota Fiscal Eletrônica – SVRS

Link for GTIN consultation in the NFC-e portal: Portal da Nota Fiscal de Consumidor Eletrônica – SVRS

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Kelly Muniz

Kelly Muniz is a Junior Regulatory Counsel at Sovos. Based in Stockholm and originally from Brazil, Kelly earned a Bachelor’s degree in Law in her home country, where she worked as a licensed lawyer. She also holds a Master’s degree in EU Business Law from Lund University in Sweden.
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