Puerto Rico Releases 2017 Specifications for Form 499R-2/W-2PR Reporting

Adam Rivera
December 13, 2017

Puerto Rico has released Publication 17-04, which contains the specifications for Form 499R-2/W-2PR reporting. There are a number of changes from last year’s release:


Modified Fields

  • Exempt Salaries Code (Box 16), (RS State Record, positions 442-443).
  • Blank field (RS State Record, positions 444-449), (can be filled with blanks or zeros).

Updated Reporting Requirements

  • When reporting three exempt salaries codes in Box 16A, the following combinations are possible:
    • AB, AG, or BG
  • You can now report up to 4 exempt salaries codes
    • Box 16 must only include one of these combination of two codes: EG or FG
    • Box 16A must only include this combination of two codes: AB

Other Changes

  • A new Exempt Salaries Code was added: G. Disaster Assistance Qualified Payment according to Administrative Determination No. 17-21.
  • Exempt Salaries [(RS State Record, positions 431-441) and (RV State Total Record, positions 63-77)] paid for any of the following concepts indicated in Exempt Salaries Code (RS State Record, positions 442-443) must be informed with the applicable code(s):
    • Public employees’ wages for overtime worked during emergency situations under Act 324-2004;
    • Income from overtime worked by a Puerto Rico Police member under Section 1031.02(a)(34) of the Code;
    • Stipends received by certain physicians during the internship period under Section 1031.02(a)(9) of the Code;
    • Compensation paid to an eligible researcher or scientist for services rendered under Section 1031.02(a)(26) of the Code;
    • Salary not over $40,000 per year under Section 1031.02(a)(36) of the Code (Employees between ages of 16 and 26);
    • Vacation and sick leave liquidation payment to public employees under Act 211-2015; or
    • Disaster Assistance Qualified Payment according to Administrative Determination No. 17-21.
  • The Social Security Wage Base for Tax Year 2017 is $127,200.
  • RW-Employee Wage Record Changes
    • Social Security Tax Withheld field should not exceed $7,886.40 for TY2017

 To view the new Publication, please click here.

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Adam Rivera

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