New Mexico Reminds Taxpayers of Big Changes in 2021

Katherine Mullen
December 23, 2020

Last week, the New Mexico Department of Revenue issued a news release reminding taxpayers of big changes to gross receipts tax collection and reporting coming in July. Pursuant to House Bill No. 6 of the 2019 legislative session, sales and leases of tangible personal property in New Mexico will be subject to local tax at the customer’s location rather than the sellers location.

This change comes with the simultaneous imposition of local compensating (use) taxes assessed at the same rate as the gross receipts (sales) tax. Currently, local jurisdictions only impose gross receipts tax, not compensating tax.  We expect that these modifications will also impact the manner in which tax is reported in New Mexico.

In short, these changes are intended to simplify and streamline taxation in New Mexico and allow local jurisdictions to realize tax revenue from remote sales

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Katherine Mullen

Katherine Mullen is a Regulatory Counsel at Sovos. Within Sovos’ Regulatory Analysis function, Katherine researches U.S. transaction tax. Katherine holds a B.A. in English Literature from McGill University, an M.S. in Library Science from Simmons College and a J.D. from Suffolk University School of Law. Katherine is a member of the Massachusetts Bar.
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