A letter to customers from Sovos President & CEO Andy Hovancik about our response to COVID-19

Much of the world is weeks into various levels of social distancing due to COVID-19, and it’s clear many of us will be doing business this way for some time. Regardless, our job at Sovos is to meet your tax and regulatory reporting compliance obligations. It’s that simple – it has always been true, and it is particularly obvious right now.

In other words, tax doesn’t stop. Neither can you. And neither will Sovos.

What’s most important right now is that we give you comprehensive customer support, managed services and implementation services. Of course, we will also continue to maintain our products and services, so they are always compliant and up to date.

Below are links to three resources that may also be helpful as you navigate this difficult time:

  1. Live updates of COVID-19-related tax changes: Governments are working to provide relief to businesses and individual taxpayers. Our team of more than 100 global regulatory analysts is tracking these changes and sharing updates as they happen.
  2. Quick access to our support team: We are available to help with technical concerns, account inquiries or general questions.
  3. Our business continuity plan to share with your stakeholders: Your board of directors, insurers or other stakeholders may need a business continuity statement from your essential providers. You can find ours at Sovos.com.

Sovos transitioned 14 offices in 10 countries to work-from-home status as of March 15. It was a straightforward process thanks to our long-standing pandemic plan. Now, we’re committed to keeping our 1,300+ employees safe, healthy and productive, while they are committed to helping you Solve Tax for Good, as always.

Be well.

Andy Hovancik

President and CEO, Sovos