Transforming Your Approach to Tax in Brazil

Brazil has long been known for its diverse and rapidly changing regulatory environments. New tax laws are continuously being introduced and current laws are often amended without notice. For businesses trying to navigate this landscape it can be challenging, frustrating and even costly. Perhaps what is needed is a new approach to tax. This Ebook guides you through the process of transforming your approach to tax in Brazil.

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Sovos recently hosted a webinar featuring João Cavalcanti, Director SAP Partner Solution Center from SAP; Uira Gomes, Global Tax Director from AB InBev and Paulo Castro, Brazil country manager, Sovos. The focus was on how to navigate the most stringent regulatory landscape in the world while undertaking the technology and compliance journey needed to meet the demands of modern tax environments. This Ebook was generated from this discussion.

Why is getting tax right in Brazil so important? Because Brazil is the world’s ninth largest economy and is a major player in financial markets and global trade. Businesses across industries have embraced Brazil as an important partner in their growth and expansion plans, the economic might that Brazil brings to the table is critical for establishing a foothold in the South and Latin American markets.

To deal with this dilemma, organizations are looking to new approaches and solutions to help them manage their compliance obligations. Business as usual when it comes to tax in Brazil is a losing proposition and no longer acceptable. Organizations are now reevaluating how they implement new technology, when to involve tax as part of the discussion and the relationship they have with their technology partners.

While value-added tax is constantly evolving, Brazil’s complex and rapidly evolving tax codes and regulations are on another level and making it increasingly difficult for businesses to remain compliant. Many companies are turning towards VAT tax software and automation technology to reduce the burden of managing these processes.

Sovos has considerable experience in providing VAT tax solutions for companies operating in Brazil. Our team of local, regulatory experts is second to none and our cloud-based tax solutions work seamlessly with existing technology platforms such as SAP.

If keeping current with changing laws in Brazil is creating an undue burden on your organization and remaining compliant with VAT tax mandates has become more a matter of hope rather than a probability, we invite you to talk to our team of experts, we can help manage this process for you and allow you to focus on your core business.