Centre for Neuro Skills automates 1099 reporting with Sovos

Case Study

Centre for Neuro Skills

Saddled with an outdated, paper-based process for 1099 reporting, Centre for Neuro Skills (CNS), introduced to Sovos by SAP Concur, turned to Sovos to consolidate reporting data and free employees to take on other tasks.


Business Challenges

  • Centre for Neuro Skills was using outdated, paper-based processes for 1099-MISC reporting.

  • Employees spent an inordinate amount of time on manual reporting tasks.


  • Sovos TIR offered real-time TIN matching and a single source of truth for 1099 data.

  • With Sovos, CNS employees could onboard vendors with name-TIN matching and easily track 1099 forms at any time.


  • Sovos took a large burden off of CNS employees by automating 1099 reporting processes.

  • CNS was able to more efficiently track 1099 forms and eliminate filing errors.

The Company

Founded in 1980, Centre for Neuro Skills provides treatment and rehabilitation to people with severe brain injuries. The organization has six locations, three in Texas and three in California. The Centre employs more than 800 people.

The Challenge

CNS was handling 1099-MISC reporting using old accounting systems. The reporting process required calculating payment amounts for 1099 forms by hand using paper records and producing forms on a typewriter. A lack of name-TIN matching capability left CNS prone to reporting errors. The organization also had to pull data from two different systems, Concur Invoice and a second system, which caused formatting problems. The process was time consuming and complex for employees.

The Solution

CNS turned to Sovos to consolidate and streamline 1099-MISC reporting. The company consolidated 1099 information in the Sovos Tax Information Reporting solution and used Sovos to print and mail forms rather than having employees type forms manually during reporting season. CNS also began onboarding vendors with name-TIN matching to ensure filing accuracy.

“Sovos took a lot of the workload off of my staff. Before, we were stuffing envelopes. Sovos enforced compliance going forward.”

Lindsay Ashley

Controller, Centre for Neuro Skills

The Benefits

Sovos greatly reduced the workload for the CNS accounting staff. Name-TIN matching virtually eliminated potential filing errors, and data consolidation gave CNS staff the ability to confirm 1099 submissions at any time. Print and mail with Sovos has eliminated the need for employees to type 1099 forms by hand. Employees became aware of the information on a 1099-MISC, where to get it and where to document it, all within a system that provides a uniform view of 1099 reporting.

Why Sovos?

CNS Controller Lindsay Ashley was impressed by the ability Sovos had to provide a single source of truth for 1099 data. With Sovos, her staff could long on, lookup a contractor and see the 1099-MISC forms CNS had issued to the payee. Previously, CNS kept those records on paper in filing cabinets. Name-TIN matching and the ability to onboard contractors with correct names and TINs were also important.

SAP Concur and Sovos Partnership?

SAP Concur is partnering with Sovos to simplify 1099 tax reporting processes in the Concur Invoice module. Through this partnership, SAP Concur clients can use the data from Concur Invoice in the Sovos Tax Information Reporting solution to meet their 1099 tax reporting requirements, streamline reporting processes and reduce potential financial penalties.