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Reduce operating costs and ensure compliance with Sovos Tax Information Reporting. 

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Ensuring 1099 Reporting Compliance

As your requirements for 1099 reporting become more complex, your company has to spend more time and resources to meet the challenge of staying compliant.

Regulatory changes are constant, and business events such as mergers and acquisitions, growth, geographical expansion and new products create complexity and increase the strain on your tax, finance, AP, IT and compliance departments.  

Sovos Tax Information Reporting keeps up with regulatory changes, so your employees can spend their time on something other than 1099 reporting.

Improve operational efficiency.

Automate and centralize manual processes, reducing operating costs.

Mitigate risk.

Eliminate processes that are prone to errors and prompt audits and penalties.

Enhance customer experience.

Enable a single point of access for all customers, resulting in reduced call volumes.

Achieve new efficiencies in 1099 reporting and protect yourself from risk.

Data scalability and flexibility

Sovos Tax Information Reporting accepts a wide range of data formats, allowing organizations to change and grow without IT or compliance restrictions.


Effortlessly track remittances, reconciliation and state withholding reporting responsibilities and never have to track payments manually or match general ledger data line-by-line against transaction-level data thanks to our 1099 reporting software.


Deliver forms to customers and vendors through electronic statement delivery, reducing costs associated with printing and mailing while providing a secure way to deliver tax information to payees with the ability to view updated tax forms real-time.

1099 tracking

Our 1099 compliance software enables your company to stay on top of crucial 1099 reporting dates as well as any filings that have been made.

Response handling

Manage all solicitation responses in one location through uploading and updating records with correct information to know which payees are subject to backup withholding and to maintain compliant audit records.

Digital asset reporting

Utilize the only modern cloud-based reporting solution designed to deliver the performance, reliability and security needed for high-volume exchanges, lenders and custodians.

Data validations

Sovos validates recipient information, including mailing addresses and IRS specific rules upon import for data completeness and correctness.

Data centralization

Centralizing data enables you to funnel multiple data sources into a single database for seamless recipient statement delivery and government tax information reporting.


Print and mail forms with a click of a button while taking advantage of negotiated print rates, National Change of Address check, and increased security with TIN masking.

Solicitation printing and mailing

Print and mail solicitations to payees appearing on IRS CP2100 or 972CG notices using the correct form of solicitation to receive updated and verified correct name and TIN information.

Agile product development

Sovos quickly and efficiently implements changes within solutions in response to last-minute regulatory changes.

Real-time TIN matching

Sovos validates vendor and customer information against IRS and other key databases to enable you to avoid reporting errors and potential penalties

“I believe being with Sovos has allowed my department to take on additional business without adding employees.”

Shannon Morris

Senior Tax Analyst, Nationwide Financial

Take Control of Your Tax Information & 1099 Reporting

New IDC Infobrief on 1099 Compliance & Tax Withholding Management for Tech, Gig & MLM Organizations

Protect your company from the risks of expensive penalties and inefficiencies with a centralized solution that serves as your compliance headquarters.

The ways in which people earn income and invest it are changing. That shift is happening in an increasingly complex tax compliance environment. Regulators, focused on capturing revenue to help communities prosper, want more detailed tax data from businesses, and they want it faster.

You need to adapt — both to reduce the friction of tax information reporting and to meet market demands. Manual and outdated reporting processes don’t help.

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Minimize cost, save time and ensure compliance.

Improve operational efficiency through automation and centralization of manual and/or disparate TIR processes, freeing up time for dedicated resources to focus on business-critical responsibilities and simplifying processes across all lines of businesses and regions.

Enhance customer experience by enabling a single point of access for all customers, resulting in reduced call volumes and increased speed of resolution.

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Maintain compliance with a fully compliant solution backed by more than 50 regulatory analysts monitoring the regulatory environment daily.

Turn weeks of work into hours with accelerated data upload speeds of up to 120,000 records per minute.

Mitigate risk of audits and penalties by eliminating manual or slow, reactive processes.

Reduce IT and compliance involvement with a nimble solution that absorbs business and regulatory changes as they occur.

Bolster audit defense with complete and transparent audit trails.

Make reprints and corrections a breeze with up to 10 years of prior tax information easily accessible.

Real-time TIN matching

Eliminate the cost of B & P notices (CP2100 and 972CG) and cut the hours you spend sending solicitations by matching TINs beforehand in real time.

Accelerated data upload

Turn weeks of work into hours with data upload speeds of up to 120,000 records per minute.

Painless printing & mailing

Print and mail forms with a click while taking advantage of our negotiated print rates, National Change of Address check and increased security with TIN masking.

Straightforward withholding

Effortlessly track remittances and manage the withholding process. Never again manually track payments or match general ledger data line-by-line against transaction-level data or tax detail forms.

Effortless e-statements

Do away with printing and mailing costs, and give your customers and vendors direct access to their statements.

Easy data access

Make reprints and corrections a breeze with up to 10 years of prior tax information at your fingertips.

Simplified federal and state reporting

Your forms and filings are always accurate, with a solution that automatically adapts to state and federal changes as they occur.

Universal form support

Quickly and easily file every required form, including 1042-S, 1098, 1099, 3921, 3922, 5498, W-2, W-4P, and W-9, as well as direct-to-state, Puerto Rico, Canada and Quebec form types.


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“At the end of the tax season, you simply click a button in Sovos TIR, and the IRS electronic filing is done. We no longer have to worry about getting onto the IRS site.”

Karen Groff

Vice President and Assistant Treasurer, Donegal Insurance Group

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