Sovos VAT Determination

Enhance compliance in your SAP ERP and automate VAT determination decisions with our SAP certified add-ons

Industry-proven VAT determination software

  • Provides a powerful suite of secure and SAP Certified add-ons
  • Makes VAT determination decisions reliable and fully transparent
  • Reduces risk to tax compliance, exposed during future audits
  • Produces accurate data for invoices and subsequent periodic reporting
VAT determination software

Automate your VAT determination

VAT determination is challenging for any company with complex transactions in its supply chains. Business sectors such as manufacturing, pharmaceutical, construction, retail and logistics are particularly overburdened trying to manage this requirement.

Limitations in SAP functionality has created another level of complexity. Custom coding in SAP is often required to achieve reliable determination decisions and the need for ongoing customisation makes maintaining master data difficult.

These challenges typically prevent companies from achieving a desirable level of transparency across their determination process. When a business deals with complex transactions, often due to multi jurisdictional supply chains, accurate VAT determination is vital. Any errors at this point can lead to severe consequences for accounting accuracy and financial resilience.

Reduce Your Operational Burden

A powerful suite of SAP-certified add-ons automate VAT determination, simplifies master data maintenance and mitigates the compliance risks caused by inaccurate data.

Deliver enhanced SAP functionality that alleviates pressure for both tax and IT professionals to meet your ever-evolving VAT requirements.

Benefits of Automating Your VAT Determination

Reduce costs and complexity

Handle future changes without specialist SAP experts, and reduce the technical maintenance burden to free SAP-resources to focus on other projects

Reduce tax compliance risk

Deliver accurate and reliable tax decisions though intelligent, automated logic directly embedded within SAP processes

Mitigate tax audit risk

Identify errors by comparing general ledger and account balances with postings against specific tax codes

Fortify overall compliance

Drive accuracy of data in downstream processes for periodic reporting including VAT Returns, EC Sales Lists, Intrastat Declarations and SAF-T

Future-proof strategy

The trend towards digitisation continues with governments becoming increasingly present in your data. By partnering with Sovos, you gain greater clarity for VAT determination and peace of mind that your business is safeguarded from risk of future audits

Maximise operational efficiency

Increase invoicing accuracy with robust determination decisions, so billing teams don't need to correct and reissue invoices. Similarly, when invoices received by a company are accurate they can be processed without delay

VAT Determination Products

VAT Determination - Sales

Enhances SAP system capabilities to ensure accurate VAT results in sales transactions
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