Sovos SAF-T Solutions

Save Time and Effort Preparing Audit-Proof SAF-T Files that are Complete and Submission Ready

Data extraction, analysis and file generation

Automate the process of preparing robust, accurate and compliant SAF-T files

SAF-T (Standard Audit File for Tax) is an international standard for electronic exchange of reliable accounting data from organizations to a national tax authority or external auditors. Tax administrations use it to gather more granular data from businesses on either an on demand or periodic basis. Sovos can manage all SAF-T requirements across multiple jurisdictions through automated processes that seamlessly extract required data, map data accurately to SAF-T structures in the latest legal formats and perform deep analysis on SAF-T output generated.

Sovos provides certainty with a future-proof strategy for tackling compliance obligations across all markets as indirect tax (VAT) regulations evolve toward continuous e-reporting and other continuous transaction controls (CTCs) requiring increasingly granular data. Sovos’ solution for SAF-T combines extraction, analysis and generation providing our customers with the certainty they need.

Sovos SAF-T Extraction

Remove the pain of getting a wide range of data from source systems into country-specific SAF-T schemas.
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Experience end-to-end handling for compliance peace of mind with Sovos’ SAF-T triple play

Enhance decision-making with full visibility of system data through an intuitive and user friendly interface.

Assess accuracy, integrity and quality of data to ensure compliance with each country’s distinct SAF-T obligations.

Perform cloud-based platform diagnostics of your financial and tax health.

Review ERP source data to determine if errors originate with extraction/mapping or system configuration.

Conduct forensic tests to pinpoint possible anomalies in your data.

Analyze syntax accuracy to ensure file compliance and the integrity and quality of the data.

Maximize operational efficiency by identifying tax anomalies that may cause business problems.

Ensure alignment between SAF-T data and financial statements in advance preparedness for inevitable inspections.