Ensure VAT Compliance Within Global Supply Chains

Vat Services

Transforming global supply chains

From food distribution to automotive manufacturing and logistics, companies are distributing their supply chain activities around the world to reduce costs, expand into lucrative markets and launch new products faster.

165 countries worldwide levy a form of VAT. Each has its own set of rules for both compliance and reporting. From differences in local VAT legislation to evolving international VAT reporting trends, if you trade cross-border you’ll be subject to change. This may create new requirements for invoicing, VAT registrations and VAT reporting obligations.

Companies that ignore the importance of VAT compliance could easily erase the benefits of a global supply chain, disrupting operations and cash flow, and negatively impacting the bottom line in the process.

This is why VAT compliance needs to be a critical factor in supply chain planning.

Cross-Border Supply Chain Review and Transaction Mapping

A holistic view of your full business activity, mapped against the changing legislative, political and economic landscape, to deliver clarity to all functions within your business so you can trade with confidence.

Download our infographic for full details of our cross-border supply chain review and transaction mapping service.

Ensure global VAT compliance and minimise risk

VAT Reporting

Sovos’ VAT reporting meets extensive tax authority output requirements across both EU and non-EU jurisdictions including VAT returns, EC Sales and Purchase Lists, Intrastat Declarations, complex reports (including SAF-T) and other country specific declarations.
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Benefits of Sovos solutions for supply chain VAT compliance

Monitor 60+ countries to track the diverse range of emerging legal frameworks and evolving specifications

Fiscal representation through a network of local VAT representatives

Ensure invoices continue to flow, so your business and its supply chains run smoothly

Recover VAT compliantly and accurately through VAT reporting and refund

Support with local VAT registration requirements for cross-border business

Easy access to a maintained and full audit trail of accounts


Protect global supply chains

Guidance to help with your tax strategy to ensure VAT compliance and maximise the benefits of an efficient global supply chain.