VAT Determination - Sales

Improve efficiency and reduce tax compliance risk with intelligent automation

Automate VAT determination for sales invoices

Multijurisdictional supply chains cause complexity for VAT determination decisions, for both tax and IT teams. Accuracy of sales invoices is a key element of the determination process and non-compliant invoices can lead to issues along the supply chain, from delayed clearance at customs to cashflow challenges due to rejected invoices or late VAT recovery.

Limitations in SAP functionality mean custom coding is often required to achieve reliable determination decisions, but customisation has cost and maintenance implications across IT, finance and tax departments.

Implementing automation within your SAP software can alleviate these challenges and provide accurate VAT determination functionality for complex transactions within the supply chain.

Your tax and accounting teams can focus their efforts on more business-critical tasks, with confidence in the data for feeding downstream processes such as invoices to trading partners and reporting at the end of each fiscal period.u00a0

Accurate data and VAT treatment for sales transactions

Designed to provide data accuracy for sales invoices, Sovos VAT Determination u2013 Sales is a single SAP-certified add-on, providing effortless determination of the different parameters needed for ensuring VAT compliance of sales transactions.

Through automatic classification and identification of specific circumstances under which sales transactions are conducted, the Sales module ensures an accurate VAT treatment and reduces the risk of costly errors.

Sovos VAT Determination is a flexible, automated suite of SAP modules providing efficient, transparent and correct identification of VAT determination processes across chain transactions for sales and purchases, including VAT ID checks, monitoring and reporting. Sovos VAT Determination u2013 Sales is one of four add-ons available within the suite.

Sovos VAT Determination - Sales is a certified add-on for SAP

Confidence in correct tax decisions when booking a sales transaction

Secure and intelligent SAP-certified add-on tailored for complex supply chains

Reduce tax audit and compliance risk with better quality data for sales invoices

Automatic data identification and full transparency for sales transactions

Extendable functionality to handle unique VAT requirements

Automation saves time and reduces possible sources of errors

One-off integration of a single SAP add-on provides cost savings compared to ongoing customisation requests

Overcome the challenges of VAT determination decisions for sales with Sovos

Ensure accurate, reliable tax decisions and tax compliance through automated software designed to meet your specific needs.
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