Don’t Take Risks When it Comes to Insurance Compliance

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Keep pace with regulatory changes

There have been substantial updates and new provisions enacted that impact the insurance industry globally. For example, life insurers now face new reporting obligations on policy sales for both the purchaser and the issuing company, while property-casualty and health insurance companies have new regulations around loss reserve discounting and the proration of certain types of investment income. These are just two of the many examples of changes to international tax rules with the potential to disrupt global operations for multinational insurance companies. Staying informed about regulatory changes has never been more important.

Sovos helps eliminate the tax risk for insurers:

Manage multiple regulations

Holistically manage all tax obligations from one central dashboard.

Oversee multiple product lines

Scale to any number of different product offerings.

Provide full transparency

Generate detailed reports that fully satisfy regulatory obligations.

Strengthen audit defense

Provide accurate, detailed documentation for every transaction.

Automate regulatory updates

Receive the latest regulatory guidance as it happens.

Conduct multinational tax management

Manage transactions across countries while adhering to all local tax laws.

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