Brazil Launches EFD-REINF for Tax Withholdings

Update: 2 March 2023 by Kelly Muniz Postponement of EFD-REINF Deadline for Events Referring to Withholding IRPF, CSLL, PIS and COFINS The publishing of Normative Instruction RFB n. 2.133, of 27 February 2023 postpones the deadline of the obligation to submit EFD-REINF (Digital Fiscal Record of Withholdings and Other Fiscal Information) events related to withholding: […]

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Tax Reform in Brazil

Update: 12 September 2023 by Robson Satiro de Almeida Tax Reform in Brazil: Simplification Statute Published Recent developments in Brazil indicate changes on the horizon, as the country continues to move towards a tax reform for simplification of e-invoicing obligations. A significant reform of ancillary tax obligations is underway aiming to create a unified system […]

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