The VAT Import One Stop Shop (IOSS)

Simplify EU VAT with IOSS in one single return

The Import One Stop Shop (IOSS) is here. Simplify your EU VAT compliance into a single VAT return – grow your sales in the EU, avoid fines and penalties and enhance the customer experience by removing unexpected fees for buyers.

Since its launch, we’ve been helping e-commerce businesses of all sizes make the switch to the new scheme. Our IOSS service provides you full access to our VAT compliance software solutions and a team of indirect tax specialists. Let us handle the initial registration, monthly filing and intermediary requirements so you can continue to focus on what you do best.

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What is IOSS?

Since July 2021, all goods imported into the EU, regardless of value, are subject to VAT. As of the same date, businesses selling imported goods valued at less than EUR 150 can now use IOSS to collect, declare and pay VAT to the local tax authorities in a single VAT return. IOSS simplifies your EU VAT compliance – unlock the full potential of the EU e-commerce market, maximise your cash flow, and provide an excellent customer service.  

In order to obtain a registration, non- EU businesses need to appoint an intermediary. They can then obtain an IOSS VAT registration number in the Member State where the intermediary is established.  

Full IOSS service

Let us handle the registration process, obtain a VAT number for your business and file the monthly IOSS returns. All included, no hidden fees.

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We act as your IOSS Intermediary

Non-EU businesses can only register for the scheme through an intermediary. We can act as your intermediary for you. 

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What are the benefits?

  • Goods move through customs faster – IOSS calculates and accounts for VAT ahead of time instead of applying upon import 
  • With an IOSS VAT registration number, the VAT is accounted for at the point of sale 
  • Reduced charges for customs clearance – without an IOSS VAT registration, import VAT will be due when the goods are cleared in the EU and there are likely to be higher customs clearance costs 

Quick Facts

  • The IOSS simplification is available to use now for any qualifying transactions 
  • The scheme requires additional record-keeping: businesses must retain more detailed records of transactions than previously
  • IOSS VAT declarations are monthly  
  • Businesses can correct previous IOSS VAT returns in the next one
  • Non-EU businesses may need to appoint an intermediary and obtain an IOSS VAT registration in the intermediary’s country of establishment in the EU
  • Depending on the nature of business activity/supply chains, non-EU retailers may need to report under the Union One Stop Shop (OSS) and non-Union OSS schemes. 
  • Businesses need at least one ‘standard’ VAT registration and possibly more due to warehouses or similar if they are to use Union OSS.  No other VAT registrations is needed for IOSS or non-Union OSS.

Penalties and Fines

Local tax authorities can issue penalties and fines to businesses if returns and payments are not submitted on time. In addition, repeated noncompliance can lead to a two-year exclusion from the scheme. Businesses would then need to register for VAT in all Member States where they import goods or have alternative arrangements in place to deal with the import VAT. 
Businesses that want to use IOSS may require an intermediary. If an intermediary is required you can’t do it alone. Our comprehensive service handles all your registration, filing and intermediary requirements.  

It’s time to get EU VAT compliance right with IOSS and Sovos

Our IOSS service gives you full access to our team of indirect tax specialists and VAT compliance software. Let us handle the initial registration, monthly filing and intermediary requirements so you can focus on what you do best. 

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